A Hazard of Hearts [1987] In an article in the Los Angeles Times, 4 Sep 1987, the following is attributed to Marcus: "I read this one over the course of a weekend," says Marcus Gilbert, 28, who plays the hero. "I actually enjoyed it, although it wasn't as if I couldn't put it down. The sexiest thing that happens in this is a kiss, although a Barbara Cartland kiss is incredibly suggestive." 

Screencapture from the start of A Hazard of Hearts, introducing Marcus Gilbert as Lord Vulcan

Marcus talking about some of his earliest screen appearances...

The White Guard [1982] was based on a Mickhail Bulgakhov novel about Red Army conscripts, filmed two months out of drama school. 

Who Dares Wins was a comedy series for Channel 4 - I have no idea which episode I filmed but I do remember it was supposed to involve an orgasmic love making session. 

The Last days of Pompeii [1984] was an American mini series as well as the BBC. My agent told me they were going to pay me to be seduced by Lesley Anne Down but I was required to shave my head - I left immediately. 

Diana [1984] a BBC serialisation, where if I remember, I was asked to stumble around the set playing a drunken suitor - I may have been gay in that one. It was shot by Charles Sturridge I think of Brideshead fame. 

Mr Palfrey of Westminster [1984/5] was a spy series with Alec McGowan in which I played a French Canadian Army Officer - Lt Charles Dufour. 

Perfect Scoundrels. I played James Hedges, unwelcome suitor to Peter Bowles daughter - she liked me - he didn't. Morgan sportscars are too small for me, it was difficult to leap out slickly as they wanted - not enough leg room. 

Lone Soldier was adapted from a stage play about a returning Vietnam veteran. I enjoyed that film, it gave me the opportunity to play against type - simple, slow witted, insecure but compassionate smaller brother - I was a natural!

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