Marcus Gilbert and those coffee ads...

Nescafe, Gold Blend instant coffee adverts 1993-1997. Marcus played the part of the rich, handsome boyfriend with the mansion and a butler. He was jilted by the girl in favour of the workmate with the coffee - how could she...???!!!

Marcus appears in the episodes marked *** for certain. 

Title: The Caterer ***
* Duration: 042 seconds
* Date: 1/11/1993
* Story Line: The caterer arrives, the girlfriend of the man's flat lets him in, when the night is over the caterer asks the man's girlfriend how she is getting home, her boyfriend arrives, and she tells him the caterer is just leaving.

Title: Freelancer
* Duration: 040 seconds
* Date: 1/2/1994
* Story Line: The caterer turns up at the girlfriend's work, he turns out to be her new partner on a project. 

Title: The Scottish Trip ***
* Duration: 040 seconds
* Date: 1/7/1994
* Story Line: The work couple go away to a Scottish trip, they arrive late, the landlady gives them only one room to share. 

 Title: The Hotel Bedroom
* Duration: 040 seconds
* Date: 1/10/1994
* Story Line: They end up sharing a room, she sleeps on the bed, he sleeps on the chair, with a blanket. 

Title: Jealous Man ***
* Duration: 040 seconds
* Date: 1/5/1995
* Story Line: Man disgruntled over two wasted tickets to the opera. His girlfriend had a deadline to meet and is given a cup of coffee by a male colleague. She thanks him when they are alone. 

Title: Girlfriend Visits Mansion ***
* Duration: 040 seconds
* Date: 29/1/1996
* Story Line: Girlfriend visits boyfriend at his mansion, he has something to ask her. 

Title: Mother Meddles In Her Daughters Affairs
* Duration: 040 seconds
* Date: 7/10/1996
* Story Line:

Title: Wedding's Off
* Duration: 042 seconds
* Date: 1/4/1997
* Story Line: A further twist in the long running Nescafe Gold mini drama. The instant coffee brings the English dinner party to the foreign camp site in this series which proclaims the new shape of the jar. 

Title: The Beginning
* Duration: 062 seconds
* Date: 1/9/1997
* Story Line: At an Eastern railway station a woman boards a train and her male companion kisses her. As the train moves away he says 'Enjoy the wedding.' She tells him she's not getting married. With a smile he rushes off to buy a motorbike - to join her on the train.
* End Line: The Beginning.

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