Rupert Campbell-Black in Riders

This film starts out with a naked Marcus which sets the tone for the rest of the film. It's very glitzy, very OTT, with Marcus playing a totally different character to his Hazard/Ghost roles. This time he's the cad of the film, playing the womanising, selfish Rupert Campbell-Black whose prowess in the bedroom makes almost as much news as his skill in the show-jumping arena. His co-star (and rival in the film) Michael Praed as Jake is a perfect foil for Marcus' Rupert, being as different as could be imagined. Personally I think there's too much sex shown on the screen, but the rest of the film I enjoyed. The horses were wonderful too!

by Anne

"Riders" was my introduction to both Marcus and to author Jilly Cooper. I instantly fell in love with both. Marcus did an excellent job of playing Rupert and part of that was due to ideosynchrocies of Rupert that he brought to the screen.

I agree that there was a great deal of sex on the screen but considering the book the screenplay was based on and considering the character of Rupert Campbell-Black, it was necessary. Otherwise the character would have been changed too much. Besides, didn't you enjoy seeing Marcus naked. I did.

by Rosamund 17/02/2006 

Not having read the book I didn't know how much sex was involved, but I still think there's a way of doing sex scenes without being in your face. Just my view. (Gosh that probably makes me sound a total prude, but I'm not! Far from it!!!) 

As to seeing Marcus naked, well he is in the Jonathan Creek episode as well playing a naturist where his modesty if preserved by a strategically-placed cup and saucer! 

by Anne 17/02/2006

Having read the book "Riders" i was intrigued to find out what the film was like. Fantastic, both of them. Being a rider myself, i thoroughly enjoyed the show-jumping in the film!!!! Marcus Gilbert was fantastic as Rupert!! x

by laura 19/02/2006

absolutely fantastic!!!! Bring on more Marcus Gilbert!!! 

by Laura 23/02/2006 @ 17:28

According to the official Jilly Cooper website, the audience for the original two-part screening of Riders was 9 million viewers for part one, whilst the second part attract an astounding 15 million viewers. 

by Anne 15/05/2007 @ 02.58

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