David Walker in Legacy

I had wanted to watch this film even before I knew Marcus was in it, as I have Mormon ancestors who emigrated to Utah in the mid-19th century. I thought this film was very well made, and I enjoyed it. Marcus doesn't have a huge part but it is a totally different character again from his aristocratic Ghost/Hazard/Riders roles. This time he plays an ordinary working man who converts to the Mormon Church and emigrates to the USA. It's a perceptive and thoughtful film, and well-worth watching.

by Anne

Reaction #1 by jyl 17/02/2006 @ 10:26 


Marcus is great! I worked with him on Legacy and we had a wonderful time. He is quite the character! Natural horseman, wonderful sense of humor!! He made the movie a blast! I wish we would have kept in touch over the years. He is a very talented actor and I wish him well in every aspect of his life.


Reaction #2 by Anne 17/02/2006 @ 12:51 

How wonderful to have worked with Marcus. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about him. We think he's pretty special as well. I'll mention your message to him when I next contact him.  

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