Starry starry night - a fan viewpoint
Posted by Anne on June 03 2006 19:40:24
Having seen Marcus Gilbert in Hazard of Hearts (my favourite) and A Ghost In Monte Carlo I decided to book tickets to go and see Starry Starry Night at The Mill at Sonning on 20 May 2006.

On arrival I asked if it was possible for me to obtain Marcus's autograph and left my autograph book in the reception area. After an hour or so an envelope was passed back to me inside was my autograph book signed by Marcus and also he had signed a programme for me as well. He also took the time and trouble to ask what my name was so he could add this to my autograph book, I was later told this.

The performance of Starry Starry Night was very enjoyable and funny. Everyone in the play gave a wonderful performance. We were seated three rows from the front facing the stage. When Marcus came on stage he seemed a little nervous, but soon settled into his role as Jordan Powers. He is tall and has kept himself in good shape, has a kind face and amazing eyes (yes that's how close I was). What an excellent James Bond he would make.

The highlight of the day for me was seeing Marcus on stage performing, the signing of my autograph book and programme absolutely made my day. Thank you Marcus for taking time out to do this for me.

Hopefully we shall see more of Marcus on TV and in film in the future I look forward to it.

Eva C.

Anne on June 03 2006 20:42:46
Eva, thank you for sharing your memories of this night with us and I'm sure Marcus will be thrilled to know how much pleasure you had from it.