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This website is intended for fans of Marcus Gilbert. It is completely unofficial and not sponsored by the actor. Any views expressed are those of the site owner and/or the site's visitors except that text in green is written by Marcus himself.

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Author genres for Marcus

Posts: 9
Location: US
Joined: 29.06.06
Posted on 30-07-2006 01:34
It's obvious we all love Marcus in romantic roles and some of you would like to see Marcus in something like a James Bond role. What other types of roles would you like to see Marcus in?

Mysteries are always challenging for actors as are thrillers. How would Marcus be as a "bad guy" againsmiley? Does the type of role matter or would you just enjoy seeing him exercising his skill and talentsmiley?

I've watched productions progress from the writing to finished projects and have seen many actors enjoy being in work situations where they not only utilize their current talents and skills but need to develop in new directions for rolessmiley. I wonder if Our Man feels the same way.

I'm always interested in what audiences wantsmiley!
Author RE: genres for Marcus
Super Administrator

Posts: 79
Location: UK
Joined: 05.04.06
Posted on 30-07-2006 03:08
Personally I'd like to see Marcus on screen in any sort of role! But, yes I agree about new challenges... how about James Bond? Now there is a challenge to follow the likes of Connery and Moore and Brosnan and make the part your own.

There seems to be a shortage of good TV roles around - so much reality TV rubbish as it's cheap to make. I personally want good quality drama... like the BBC's recent Bleak House: Marcus would have been perfect for Allan Harcourt or John Jarndyce in that.

How about a new detective series to replace the much loved and missed Morse? I can see Marcus as a detective or even a gumshoe... what do others think?

Anne, webmaster
Author RE: Marcus Gilbert

Posts: 2
Joined: 09.04.06
Posted on 30-07-2006 20:18
Marcus would make a a brilliant JAMES BOND.

Maybe a good or baddie in new Spiderman and Harry Potter films, the next Batman film. Period dramas, Holby City, Dr Who, Comedy, murder mystery etc etc. It would be wonderful to see him in any of the above roles, film, tv, theatre and more.
Author RE: genres for Marcus

Posts: 13
Joined: 21.09.06
Posted on 21-09-2006 03:17
I'm partial to period movies so I'd say period movies, any role, goodie, baddie, romantic hero, action hero, etc. Marcus looked so good in a period custume (though he looks amazing also with nothing on smiley , but mostly I just want to see more of him on our screens. Even a guest stint in Coro St. will be good too. smiley
Author RE: genres for Marcus

Posts: 2
Joined: 24.07.06
Posted on 22-09-2006 16:37
Marcus would make a great baddie action hero. If you want him in costume how about a role as a pirate! I'd walk the plank for Marcus any time.smiley
Author RE: genres for Marcus
Super Administrator

Posts: 79
Location: UK
Joined: 05.04.06
Posted on 23-09-2006 11:31
Marcus as Dr Who says EC above... now there's a thought! Any Dr fans here like to comment on that?

Anne, webmaster
Author RE: genres for Marcus

Posts: 13
Joined: 21.09.06
Posted on 17-10-2006 22:25
Pirate role? Now that's another good idea.. smiley
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