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This website is intended for fans of Marcus Gilbert. It is completely unofficial and not sponsored by the actor. Any views expressed are those of the site owner and/or the site's visitors except that text in green is written by Marcus himself.

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Author Starry starry night - press report added
Super Administrator

Posts: 79
Location: UK
Joined: 05.04.06
Posted on 15-05-2006 10:35
See under Theatre > Starry starry night
Author RE: Starry starry night - press report added

Posts: 1
Joined: 15.04.06
Posted on 15-05-2006 22:05
Another review -not so favourable- and from "The Stage".
By Sheila Tracy
Published Mon 15 May 2006 at 12:40

Starry Starry Night
This World Premiere by the authors of several successful television comedy series is unlikely to enhance their reputation.

Nothing wrong with the plot - Hollywood star on location in Scotland whose roving eye is attracted by anything in a skirt.

Too many words and unsubtle are criticisms that springs to mind but the main fault lies in the casting of Marcus Gilbert as the Hollywood hunk of manhood, irresistible to the opposite sex and also, we are given to understand, to the film?s producer played by Antony Edridge, (who bears an uncanny resemblance to Gig Young).

Gilbert is deficient in sex appeal and appearance for the role which demands that women fall all over him including his co-star on the film Jan Waters, giving a well judged performance as an aging British actress who finds herself attracted to the leading man.

The play is saved by the two chambermaids at the Castle Hotel who both become enamoured of the screen legend. Emma Campbell-Webster as the giggling, excitable Lily, uses any excuse to visit his room whereas Barbara Drennan as Alice, married with a family, seems at first to be impervious to the interest being shown in her by the Hollywood star. Kristian Hart as a local lad from the village and Alice?s husband, makes a good contrast and Claire Harman is the perfect bimbo as the star?s American girl friend.

Will Bowen?s set with the bedroom and surrounding corridor and an invisible door but with full sound effects, is superb.

---Perhaps an appointment at 'Spec Savers' should be arranged for Ms Tracy---smiley

Other than her personal opinion on Marcus's physical attributes (which anyone looking at this website will have to take issue with) it's reasonably complimentary about the show.
Author RE: Starry starry night - press report added
Super Administrator

Posts: 79
Location: UK
Joined: 05.04.06
Posted on 17-05-2006 23:39
Is she talking about the same man for goodness sake? smiley The Marcus we know on this site is very well qualified to play a Hollywood hunk and I'm sure there'd be a huge queue of women forming here ready to fall all over him! smiley I have some more positive reviews to add to the site as soon as they've been scanned in. Watch this space. smiley

Anne, webmaster
Author RE: Starry starry night - press report added

Posts: 4
Joined: 18.05.06
Posted on 18-05-2006 20:54
I saw the review too the other day as the link is on the Sonning site...it's unecessarily and unjustly harsh. I think the writer has a case of green-eyed jealousy.
Author RE: Starry starry night - press report added
Super Administrator

Posts: 79
Location: UK
Joined: 05.04.06
Posted on 25-05-2006 22:59
It sounds like it doesn't it? smiley

I've just added a couple more reviews to the Theatre > Starry starry night page, scans of the programme and Marcus's bio from it into Photo Gallery > Programmes, and the cast list into Photo Gallery > Listings,

(All courtesy of The Mill at Sonning who very kindly posted them to me for this site.)

Anne, webmaster
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